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About Chow Down Orlando

Chow Down Orlando was launched in 2011 by and his wife Carla. Their mission was simple: eat everything Orlando has to offer. After five years of food trucks and fine dining, Chow Down Orlando went on hiatus.

In 2016, Justin Cox launched chow­čŹ┤down launched on Medium to share personal stories about travel, food, and culture from around the world. chow­čŹ┤down had a good run and still publishes the occasional story from it's team of talented writers.

Now, Carla and Justin Cox are going back to the beginning and focusing on the place they call home: Orlando. Chow Down Orlando will bring a glimpse into the impressive food scene that Orlando offers.

Chow Down Orlando returns very soon... For now, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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